Freelancing is not for everyone, but once you dare take the step and find jobs on your own, there is a lot you can do to make your life easier and more active. Not being tied to a daily schedule imposed on you by a company will give you a lot of freedom to manage your time any way you see fit.

You can work the hours that seem productive to you, and more importantly, you can take care of your health….on your own time! Having a steady source of income as an employee surely brings some health benefits, but often times after a long day you won’t feel like taking the steps necessary to stay in shape and live healthily. As a Freelancer, you’ll be able to take the time to prevent health issues as well as live the healthy life you’ve always wanted!

1. Managing Your Schedule

As a freelancer, you are not tied to anyone’s hours unless you are working on projects with a set deadline. Once you come to an agreement about the time required to deliver a job, you can manage your own hours in any way you deem preferable. This will give you an opening to do chores at home, take care of your family and work out a little. You can also plan your meals in advance to save time thinking of things to make. Healthy fruits and veggies, of course!

2. Pick Projects that are not Stressful

If you need money, high paying jobs will amount to a lot of pressure and stress. They will probably demand a lot of revisions and corrections until they are done the way your client wants to. Low paying jobs are more manageable and you can earn money with them by the bulk of work you accumulate, they are less stressful and they don’t have a specific deadline most of the time. You can choose which one suits you best depending on your financial situation and how you want to work around your own schedule. Freelancing=Freedom to choose. Take advantage of it.

3. You Can Avoid Toxic Relationships

One of the greatest benefits of freelancing is to your state of mind. You no longer have to deal with a boss demanding things being done their way. You can let your creativity guide you. If a client proves to be a toxic person you can take notes in the back of your head to avoid working with that person again in the future after the job is done and paid for.

4. You can Pay Insurance Suited to Your Health

As an employee, you get just what you are offered as health benefits. No more, no less. As a freelancer, you can manage your insurance and get a plan that actually works according to your health issues (if any). Since the legal system allows you to manage your tax records as a freelancer by letting you cut a lot of costs related to your work, you’ll be able to pay for a plan that covers all the grounds related to whatever might happen to you in the future.

There are lots of ways being a freelancer is great for staying healthy.  Is there really anything better than managing your own exercise schedule, your own diet and the time you spend sitting in front of a computer screen? We don’t think so!