Water facts: The planet is essentially 70% surrounded by it and your body holds at least 65% of It’s content in that form. Yep. Whether you like it or not, water is around us everywhere and scientifically speaking we can’t just live without it. Have you ever heard a person say they “don’t like water?” Right there you have a candidate destined to suffer cardiovascular-related illness.

Don’t take it from us. Water is necessary for our internal systems to run their basic functions in proper fashion. The natural components of water make it a simple, yet efficient fluid that can help us keep our good health since it has zero calories and no fat at all. Let’s take a look at five ways water can keep us healthy by drinking at least 8 glasses a day!

1. Water Improves your Physical Condition

If you are one of the many fans of a morning jog or if you hit the gym every day and just consume soft drinks to hydrate your body you are very literally undoing half the job done on your effort to stay healthy.

The main issue with soft drinks is that most of them are full of refined sugar and they actually dehydrate you more so you keep consuming them to quench your thirst. We dare you to try out plain old water while you run or after a routine.

You’ll be able to tell the difference right away as your performance improves, plus you’ll be able to replenish that 6% of water weight that is lost after doing exercise!

2. Your Brain Capacity will Expand

Keeping good levels of hydration helps out your thought process and keeps your brain active. You’ll be able to focus easier, concentrate harder, and be much more productive.

Going below the recommended intake of 8 glasses daily can lead to the brief loss of some of the most basic functions leading to disorientation, bad moods, and frequent headaches.

While these effects are evenly distributed for men and women alike, they can do a lot of damage in young kids since they tend to be very active and disregard water in exchange of a soft drink.


3. Your digestive System will Run More Smoothly

You may not think much about it, but do you ever take notice of how many times you go the bathroom in a single day to relieve yourself? A quick hint: you should go at least three times. If you don’t routinely go to the bathroom, or if you have infrequent bowel movements something might be wrong with your digestive system.

The most common fix is to drink more water so the increasing presence of fluids in your intestines can normalize the situation. Lack of water can bring you long-term health hazards such as constipation, or even the need for a colostomy.

4. You Can Help Your Weight-Loss Regime

Increasing your water intake will keep your arteries clean, your blood fresh and oxygenated and it will increase your metabolic rate to make your digestive system go faster.

Your body will get rid of the fat more easily, and you can increase your energy expenditure with more calories, meaning that you’ll need to eat more.

Make sure to time it though. Drinking 3 liters of water at once can cause damage to your internal organs, and you’ll overwork them to process the increased presence of liquids.

5. You can get it Pretty Much from a Lot of Natural Sources

When doctors or nutritionists say “water,” they don’t mean liquid on a bottle at all times. You can get water from a lot of different sources to keep your body hydrated.

Fruits like oranges, strawberries, papayas, and cucumbers have a lot of water in their composition, so it’s very easy to take on two issues with a single solution.

By consuming these fruits and vegetables, you’ll be keeping yourself well fed, and you’ll be hydrated