Most men when they hear the term ‘manscaping’ either feel irritated or uncomfortable. Many think it’s a lot of fuss and hassle, especially if your hair grows back quickly after you spend all that time and effort removing it. That’s even before we get to those areas where no-one, apart from maybe your partner, will see. However, the alternative is not that good either.

So if you are interested in having some hair removal treatments, whether it’s purely for aesthetics or hygienic reasons also, you will undoubtedly want to do it in a way that causes as little pain and discomfort as possible. That’s why in the following post we’re going to look at some important body hair removal safety tips.

Know the Length and Style You Would Like Before You Do Anything

It’s vital that you think about the style and length of hair you want on your body, if any at all, before you start removing it. This will help determine how much you will have to cut off using a trimmer or scissors. You also need to remember that when your hair is dry, it will be longer because the strands are stretched out.

Consider Your Hair Removal Options

Just as for the females of the human species, there are lots of body hair removal options for men. You can stick to shaving, but as this can encourage ingrown hairs, it might not suit you. There’s also the option of simply trimming your hair with an electric trimmer when it gets too long. However, if you are trying to achieve particularly smooth results, you may want to try something else. Sugaring or waxing are two options you might choose from with sugaring reportedly being less painful.

Waxing, although this is not the most comfortable or appealing option, is great for removing hair if you intend to remove it all. If you’re worried about doing it yourself, why not book yourself an appointment at the local salon. You’d be amazed at just how many have it done these days.

Do it While You Shower

This tip is more about the cleanliness angle than anything else, although the hot water can help make the process a little easier. It’s best to trim or shave in the shower because all the hair will collect in the one place. It’s also easier to cut and remove wet hair.

Follow the Direction the Hair is Growing

It doesn’t matter what method of hair removal you are using; it’s recommended that you always remove the hair in the same direction it is growing. This avoids tugging and can prevent the hair follicles being damaged rather than cleanly being removed.

Stretch the Skin

If you are going to try waxing your legs at home, this is a good tip to bear in mind. If you’ve ever had it done professionally, you will have undoubtedly noticed that the professional stretched the skin out in the opposite direction from where they were removing hair from. Skin that is stretched and taut is less painful because the stretching sensation cancels out a lot of the pain that results from pulling the hair out.

If you’ve tried almost all of these methods and you’re still having issues, you might want to seriously consider sugaring. It seems to be the best thing we’ve covered in the article by far. It’s a safer alternative to waxing that still leaves your skin extremely smooth with less chance of irritation.