For hundreds of years, massage therapy has been one of the most patronized forms of alternative medicine since it’s a way to promote health and overall well-being. Though massage therapy is primarily known as a relaxation method, its uses and benefits are far more diverse. Athletes, in particular, can benefit from massage therapy as it can help them be better and more versatile athletes. If you’re an athlete or a physically active individual, below are the some of the best benefits that a massage can offer.

A massage can decrease muscle stiffness and soreness after exercise thus reducing muscle tension.

Athletes suffering from stiff and sore muscles after an injury or after a strenuous activity won’t be able to perform at their peak. But the good news is that a good massage can significantly help in alleviating muscle pain by removing lactic acid build up on the muscles and stripping the muscles of any other toxins.

It encourages better sleep patterns.

Massage therapy promotes relaxation that can help improve the quantity and quality of one’s sleep. And since it can also ease off any pain, it helps an athlete get his or her much-needed rest that can, in turn, get him or her ready for another activity-packed day.

It can help prevent injuries.

Regular massage can increase an athlete’s flexibility by stretching the muscle fibers which is important in maintaining his or her optimal performance.

Massage improves blood and movement circulation.

Massage helps with blood flow by pumping blood back to the heart quicker to be oxygenated thus improving blood circulation. And with better circulation, an athlete can breathe easier and move more smoothly which can lead to better overall performance.

Helps supply fresh nutrients to the body by dilating the blood vessels.

Massage can dilate the blood vessels which can increase its efficiency of both supplying fresh nutrients to the tissues and eliminating metabolic wastes out of the body faster.

It can help drain sluggish lymphatic material.

Massage can also act as a mechanical cleanser, helping drain sluggish lymphatic material. Good lymphatic circulation plays a great role in getting rid of toxic materials like lactic acid and calcium build up which are commonly known as “knots”.

Improves muscle tone.

Massage can improve muscle tone by mechanically stimulating inherent reflexes found within muscle fibers. This can be very important to athletes who are not able to obtain enough daily exercise due to a sedentary lifestyle or long periods of recuperation.

It can prevent adhesions.

Athlete’s muscles are prone to adhesions. And when muscle fibers adhere together, their full motion is restricted. Transverse strokes of massage help to prevent adhesion or also known as knots from occurring between muscles fibers.

Can help an athlete reduce weight as needed.

Massage is though to assist in weight reduction by mechanically bursting fat capsules. Some of that fat is then absorbed back into the bloodstream and used in metabolic processes. Moreover, it can significantly reduce cellulite appearance.

Has a stimulating effect on the nervous system.

The calm and relaxed environment, as well as the professional hand strokes during a massage, can have a stimulating or sedative effect on the nervous system which can create a more mentally focused athlete. And a mentally-alert and focused athlete can surely give an optimum physical performance.

Are you an athlete or a physically active individual? It’s time to book your much-needed massage therapy session!