When it comes to your beard, if you want to stand out,  you have to make sure your grooming is on point. Unfortunately, sometimes, you make some mistakes without even noticing you’re making any. Today we’ve made a checklist of things you cannot let slip under the radar when it comes to personal grooming. We guarantee that if you’re good about going through this list when you leave the house, you’ll ace that job interview and maybe even get that date you were hoping for….

Length Matters

Make sure your facial hair, whether it’s a beard, a mustache or even just stubble, make sure it’s all the same length. You might not be aware, but your hair doesn’t grow exactly at the same speed. That means that if you want to have facial hair but look well-kept you’ll have to make sure you have a balanced look. If you have a long beard, you can use scissors or you can trim your beard with clippers that are expressly for beard trimming. Pretty much as long as it’s all the same length you’re good.

Don’t Forget Your Neck…

Don’t neglect your neck! And this goes for the front as well as the back. Which is especially important. When you neglect to shave the back of your neck, it looks dirty and unprofessional. It will make it look like you haven’t had a good haircut recently, or you need another one. It looks like you haven’t been taking good care of yourself.  If you’re confident that you think you can do it yourself, great! If not, maybe ask your girlfriend or roommate or a brother to help you out.

…or Your Nose.

It’s a good idea to just keep tabs on your nose hair. I’m not saying you have to go in there and get it all out every other day, but just keep an eye on it and get anything that is visible. You can get a specific trimmer for your nose, or even your ear, but most people don’t actually need that, so feel free to use scissors to just snip anything that is visible. If you plan on going on an interview or a date and somebody sees your nose hair, that might be the reason why you’re not getting that job or…you know…that second date we mentioned before? Yeah. That second date.


Sometimes, guys forget to use moisturizer and it doesn’t matter how nice your beard is. If your skin underneath is dry and flaky, your beard will not look good. Because of this, I recommend first of all washing your beard. Especially if it’s a little bit longer than usual. You know, Shampoo and Conditioner will work just fine.

Regardless of the length of your facial hair, apply moisturizer to your skin and make sure you really get in there, Otherwise, you’re just putting moisturizer on your hair and that won’t help much.

Keep Your Eyebrows Under Control

I’m not saying you have to go there and get your eyebrows done, or even pluck them in a specific way. All I’m saying is, don’t let them get super bushy and out of control. Make sure they’re clean and well groomed.  The biggest no-no in eyebrows is that infamous uni-brow. DON’T, Let. That. Happen. If it does happen though, don’t use a razor. Just pluck them and control the situation. Trust me. You’ll thank me later.