If you’re trying to lose weight, you might have already heard that running can help you lose those unwanted pounds. Although running can be a great way to get some exercise in to your schedule, the benefits can often be too small to make a big difference. Diet also plays an important role that cannot be overlooked in your weightless journey.

So should you include running in your weight loss plan?

Yes. Running has been proven to help many people shed unwanted weight during the first few weeks or even months of continuous running. When our body is new to exercise, it responds to a lower level of stress and you may not need to run very far to lose excess weight. But as your body gets used to your running routine, you start burning less calories and weight than before. So for running to be an effective weight loss activity, you need to continually advance your running routine to continue to see positive results.

What are things to make running an effective exercise to lose weight?

  • Go longer and faster. As mentioned above, the results taper off as your body adapts to your running routine. So it is important to progress to longer and faster runs.


  • Pay attention to your diet. Don’t ignore your diet just because you are constantly going for runs. You might find yourself gaining weight, rather than losing it if you over fuel your body in preparation for your runs.


  • Mix up your routine! Try other forms of cardio. If you want to get results faster, it is better to involve yourself in other forms of cardio like high-intensity cycling.


  • Don’t run too much. If you’re suffering from stress caused by over exercising, or not eating a healthy balance of nutrients, your body may not be able to recover from intense workouts or runs. In the long run, you could end up causing more harm than good. Keep an eye on your thyroid levels and your metabolic rate. If you neglect this area, it could make losing weight more difficult.


Running by itself cannot give you the best weight loss results. But keep in mind that adding it to your routine can be really beneficial in other ways, like boosting your mood and sleep quality as well as improving your heart health. So, if you love running, believe us. It’s still worth it!