Love running? You’d probably want to boost your stamina for long distance runs. Let us help you take your running to a whole new level with these amazing steps for increased cardio endurance.

1 – Warm up.

A proper warm-up is necessary for getting that good running form. It will contribute a lot to your heart rate and muscle performance. So skipping it shouldn’t be an option. A good 10-minute warm-up is all you need to prepare your muscles to take on the challenge. Do neck rotations, arm circles, shoulder rotations, waist rotations, side lunges, spot jogging, jumping jacks, and end with ankle rotations. There! You’re ready to get going now.

2 – Proper posture.

Maintaining proper posture helps you run better and longer. In addition, it also protects you from injury. Below are the steps to getting that proper running posture:

  • Roll your shoulders back.
  • Look ahead.
  • Push your chest up.
  • Loosen your neck and arms.
  • Clench your fist.
  • Place your thumbs inside the hollow made by your four fingers.
  • Start running slowly.

3 – Concentrate on your breathing.

Concentrating on your breathing makes running easier. Slow, steady and continuous running may not be easy for beginners. But concentrating on your breathing and matching your running with it will help you run longer. Below are some easy steps that you can do to improve your breathing technique for better runs:

  • Inhale and exhale slowly from your nose.
  • Calculate the steps that you are taking.
  • Maintain that breathing and keep your steps steady for a longer time.

4 – Land Softly.

Do not stomp your feet on the ground. Doing so will hurt your knees and makes running more difficult. Put your heels down first and land softly. It is also very important to wear shoes that will fully and comfortably support your feet. Finally, you should be sure to properly stretch before and after your run as it will help prevent knee injuries that might set back your training.

5 – Do interval runs.

Interval runs build your stamina. Run and walk at equal intervals. It will help you cover long distances without getting worn out immediately as well as giving you an idea of how much distance you can take without feeling exhausted.

6 – Take it slow but steady.

Patience is an important key to increase your running time and endurance. You can aim to increase your distance by 10% every week. Having a running distance target will help you keep focused and gradually increasing your mileage helps increase your lung capacity.

7 – Run on inclined roads.

Running on an incline will help build calves, quads, and hamstring strength. Doing this will significantly improve your endurance and the ability to run faster on a less-inclined area.

8 – Listen to music.

Turn. On. Spotify! Music is a great source of motivation for running and working out in general. Go for rhythmic and motivational songs because it will keep you going and may even help you forget about leg pain.

9 – Practice.

Doing practice runs as many times a week as you can will help your mind and body get accustomed to the energy burn. Muscle wear and tear and sweating will gradually decrease as your body gets used to it.

10 – Stretching.

Stretching and cooling off is an important part of your running routine just like warm-ups. Prevent your muscles from becoming stiff by giving your arms, palms, feet, calves, hamstrings, neck, shoulders, lower and upper back a good stretch before and after every run.

Following these simple steps and setting a training routine will surely increase your running stamina. You’ll enjoy running much more than ever!