It’s strongly suggested to get varying exercises to continue to get positive results. Muscle memory is a real thing! But with a lot of exercise options available, choosing what’s best for you can be a pain. Let us help you decide on which one to go for with these top 10 best exercises for men.

1 – Deadlift

It is said to be the king of all exercises. Deadlift hits every major muscle hard enough and so it is also known to be the greatest strength test. Since it involves all your major muscles, it triggers the release of a huge amount of testosterone, which is a muscle-building hormone, into the bloodstream.

2 – Barbell Back Squat

The king of leg-developing movements. Many athletes say that they owe to this exercise their fast run, high jump and overall strength.

3 – Bench Press

Best for developing powerful, well-defined pecs, shoulders and triceps.

4 – Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

Considered to be the most important exercise for lower back health and developing an impressive set of glutes. Moreover, this exercise helps to make the hamstrings more flexible, minimizing pain after sitting for long periods.

5 – Suspended Pushup

The instability of the handles lead to greater fiber activation, which then helps you gain more strength and developed muscle in less time than the classic pushup. This type of exercise also contributes a lot to your shoulders’ long-term health.

6 – Pullup

Aiming for that wide set of shoulders and a wide back? The pullup is the best move for you! It’s a big, multi joint move that leads to the release of testosterone, giving you strength and an enhancement to overall muscle development.

7 – Swiss Ball Rollout

A challenging, yet very essential part of your quest to getting that ripped lean midsection. This exercise puts your abs under high muscular tension, which is the secret to getting that defined six-pack most men are trying to develop.

8 – Banded Good Morning

More like a physical therapy than a traditional lift, this move is a great developer of muscles under your lower back. It also assists you in ramping up your squats by helping you load up more weight on the bar. Don’t discount this exercise in your quest for powerlifting greatness.

9 – Farmers Walk

Sounds too easy, but this “walk” is considered one of the best workouts. It is simply to walk around the gym with some really heavy stuff. Before finishing your workout, try carrying a set of 70-pound dumbells around the gym for more than 30 seconds. A few weeks into this routine, you can expect your weight increases to start happening faster. No joke!

10 – Barbell Overhead Press

Develops a pretty flipping good-shaped set of shoulders and chest, because this type of exercise demands a ton of effort from your abs and all the assisting muscles.

Getting that truly fit and outstanding physique is most men’s’ wildest dream and so a lot of you guys are spending hella time burning calories at the gym. It’s important to note though that for you to be truly healthy, every visit to the gym should be accompanied with proper diet and discipline. Happy lifting, gents!