Moving is stressful at the least. And it comes with a price too! So help yourself by following these 13 cheap moving tips below:

1.Plan your moving expenses early on.

Planning your moving expenses well ahead of time will you help you identify and cut back on costs that you won’t really need. Moreover, it will alert you if there’s a need for additional funds giving you enough time to control your spending.

2. Hire a local moving company (if you’re planning to get help).

Hiring a mover to help you out with relocating sounds risky right? But it doesn’t have to be if you choose your mover wisely. For peace of mind, hire only professional and trusted movers in your area. This may come with a price tag but it’s well-worth it for the reduced stress and effort you are to spare yourself from.

3. Shop around for the best prices.

Don’t focus on one moving company. Get as many quotes as you can. This way you can compare the costs and get the best possible service at a fair price.

4. Schedule the best time to move out.

If you have full control over your moving date, schedule and book it early. Some movers do offer discounts for early bookings. You can also select your move-out day on the months of September to May which are off-peak season, to get a good deal from movers.

5. Use coupons.

Your US Post Office change of address packet comes with a few good coupons from moving companies, so be sure to check those out and take advantage of them. You can also visit coupon sites like Groupon to get some good deals on moving necessities.

6. Get rid of stuff you don’t need.

Do a massive clean up before moving and schedule a garage sale for those slightly or never before used items you have. Aside from earning a few more dollars for your moving expenses, you can also avoid paying to move those items.

7. Use those old luggage bags as moving boxes.

Fill in your luggage bags with clothes and linens. This way, you can save on moving boxes and getting your clothes ready when you arrive would be so much easier.

8. Get slightly used moving boxes.

Visit your local retailer or recycling center for slightly used moving boxes. They are far more cheaper than buying new ones. Sometimes you can also get free packing bubbles or paper to protect your breakables.

9. Don’t go crazy over buying all your packing materials.

Your baskets, buckets, suitcases (as mentioned in #5), drawers, and bags can serve as good moving containers so you can save on moving boxes. While your pillows, blankets, bed sheets, towels, socks and all other piece of clothing are good for wrapping and cushioning your fragile and delicate belongings.

10. Recycle.

Old magazines, school papers, phone books, and junk mail can all be used as good packing papers. While doing your cleaning, be sure to set aside those papers so that you can make use of them later.

11. Visit a Dollar Store.

Though you can save money by repurposing some moving necessities, buying some needed materials is inevitable. However, it doesn’t have to be costly. Be sure to check the Dollar Store or another discount retailer before heading into your favorite store for boxes and packing material. If you have time to plan, you can even buy packing supplies in bulk online.

12. Get some FREE help.

Having friends and family members around during a move isn’t only about emotional support. They can also help you out with some tasks like carrying boxes, organizing your new home or looking over the kids while you’re busy working on moving or unpacking into your new home.

13.  Lastly, be ready with a moving checklist.

Saving time is saving money. I bet you’ll agree. So if you have detailed checklist for the move, you can save up a lot of your time and be able to do more work.


Happy moving, friends!