Just because you have modern or contemporary tastes, doesn’t mean that Grandmothers antiques have no place in your home. Sure antiques take on a personality of their own, but they do not dominate the space unless you decorate overwhelmingly in antiques. Regardless of your furniture and decorating style, here are some things you can do to help your antique furnishings fit into your home.

Accentuate your antique pieces. It is useless to try to hide your antique furnishings and a shame to put them in the corner where these treasures will not be seen. The best solution is to put your antiques in a prominent place where your family and friends can admire them. Try to think of your antique furniture as precious gems. If diamonds can go with just about anything, so can antiques.

Find balance in your modern and antique decor. When you place an antique furniture item in your home, you need to balance that item by placing a piece or two from your own collection. For example, you can place a sleek simple mission style table between two ornate Asian Chairs. This allows the chairs to shine and breaks up the space so as not to overwhelm the room with the strongly designed items.

Add a modern touch to your antiques. Now I am not recommending a Trading-Spaces type update where you paint your Grandmother’s antiques, including the piano, black. No, I am talking about something much more sane. Instead I recommend that you make small alterations and additions that can be quickly removed or changed back. Consider replacing old drawer knobs and using slip covers on upholstered pieces. Just make sure that the items you use won’t damage the original integrity of the piece.

So whether you have acquired one or more antique home furnishings, you see that just by accentuating your antiques, finding balance among your contemporary items, and adding a modern touch to your antiques, you will have no trouble fitting your new treasures into your home.