Buying a home is so much easier with a real estate agent. Just as all home buyers are different, so are Realtors. Having said that, you cannot expect each of them to have a similar home-buying approach. Nevertheless, there are important things that every real estate agent must do for a client.

Below are the 9 important and critical things that quality Realtors have, and also some things they should be willing to do for you:

1. They get you pre-approved.

Quality Realtors are expected to have a sizable network of trusted agents, lenders, and other professionals directly related to the home buying and selling process. So, referring you to a trusted lender and helping you through the pre-approval process shouldn’t be an issue. Please take note, though, that when we say “pre-approved”, we mean that a lender should have already verified your income, employment, and has already ran a credit check.

2. They should help you navigate the “house-hunting” process.

Searching for your dream home is an undeniably tiring process. So, your real estate agent should be more than willing to help you find options that match your specifications and budget, as much as possible.

Additionally, your agent should present other important factors like location, neighborhood, schools, etc.

3. They should be an effective negotiator.

Another perk of having your own Realtor is that they can negotiate price to help you get the best price possible for the house you are planning to purchase. So, if your real estate agent is not willing to negotiate on your behalf, then we strongly suggest looking for another agent that is more willing to negotiate for you.

4. They help you choose a quality home inspector.

As mentioned in the first point, every good Realtor should have an expansive network of professionals related to the home buying and selling process. This includes trustworthy and dependable home inspectors.

The home inspection process is an essential step ensuring that there are no hidden issues with the home that you are interested in buying. Choose your inspector wisely, as you can only get this confirmation from a professional home inspector.

5. Willing to be physically present during the home inspection.

It is very important that your real estate agent is willing to be physically present during the actual home inspection. This ensures that you are equally represented during the inspection. It also will help your agent to be able to convey any findings with you that were found during the inspection.

Your Realtor should also provide you a thorough home inspection report and be willing to provide counselling on the result of the inspection. Especially if there are any areas that you need to bring to the sellers attention.

6. They should negotiate home inspection repair requests, as necessary.

The result of the home inspection can give you leverage over the negotiations. If there are problems found, you can use them to your advantage by either requesting it to be fixed or get an equivalent price reduction for those repairs needed. Your real estate agent plays an important role here, as he or she is more knowledgeable on how each of those issues affects the value of the home.

7. Be the middleman between the seller’s agent and the buyer’s attorney all throughout the sale.

It is important that all parties involved in the home-buying process are well-informed for the transaction to go smoothly. This is the responsibility of your Realtor, since he or she knows how to measure the importance of all information available as well as knowing who needs what and when, to ensure everything progresses as planned.

8. Loan commitment monitoring.

A quality realtor is always on top of everything. This includes monitoring your mortgage commitment. Excellent real estate agents always try to ensure that you, as the buyer, clearly understand the importance of maintaining a clean credit standing. Mortgage mistakes are common with first time buyers, so your real estate agent should be willing to provide assistance with regards to understanding all parts of your mortgage commitment.

9. Ensure there are no loose ends.

Your agent should finalize everything and ensure that you will be able to reach the closing stage without any hitches and finally get your home. This part is very crucial and your Realtor should be alongside you to provide support and advice as the need arises.

As a buyer, it’s okay and even strongly suggested that you have high expectations concerning your real estate agent. This isn’t a simple purchase and might even be the biggest purchase you ever make.

So, it’s very important that you work closely with your agent, so that everything progresses smoothly. Lastly, you must hire a Realtor that you are able to have a great relationship with. It’s so much easier to have an agent that you can consider your friend as you navigate the entire process.