One thing that almost everyone knows about the real estate business is that it is brutal and competitive. It is virtually impossible to get to the top and stay there in good times. In a pandemic year, we face all sorts of additional challenges and restrictions that make selling even more difficult. That is why you need cutting edge solutions to market and promote your real estate enterprise.

These innovative marketing methods can allow you to maintain an edge over the competition, and they can also help you build a locally know brand over time. Not everyone will have the necessary budget to do all the latest and greatest marketing campaigns, but there are more cost-effective solutions. One such solution is the use of custom cut stickers.

Stickers as an Option

Stickers aren’t just useful for teachers in the classroom. As a real estate business, you have a lot of options when it comes to using die cut stickers to market your company. They offer a flexible and affordable way to get the word out about your business as you create ‘brand ambassadors’ out of your former clients. Discount printers make it easy to get started on a project like this from the comfort of your home. They offer custom laser-cut stickers that ship direct to your door and there are many similar vendors online as well. Like refrigerator magnets and other local branding strategies, these types of promotional products literally tend to stick around (pun intended!) Here are some potential uses of stickers in promoting your company.

  • Stickers on Gifts – Stickers offer a great way for you to market to people. Adding stickers that are custom-made to your gifts will help get the word out. You can give away things as small and simple as a pen or a coffee mug, and by having stickers on these items, you can ensure that they serve as a marketing tool for your company.
  • Stickers on Your Transportation – Being in real estate means driving around a lot. Having a giant sticker on your vehicle will act as a moving billboard as you promote your business. With custom sticker printing prices being so affordable, this is a must-have.
  • Stickers on Your Building – You can spice up your office by adding a beautifully designed sticker. This will help promote your business in even the most difficult times.

Maximizing Your Success

At the end of the day, kiss cut or die cut stickers offer a cost-effective and flexible way of getting the word out. Utilizing the strategies mentioned above, and you can gain the edge over your competition. Being on a budget even, you can create your own ingenious methods of guerrilla marketing by using stickers. Using these methods the right way will guarantee that you collect more repeat business and referrals down the road.


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