Your wedding is probably among the best days of your life. And if you’re outdoorsy like me, then you’d probably want an outdoor wedding reception too. But when it comes to deciding on your wedding menu, it’s normal to feel underwhelmed by dishes you usually see at wedding receptions. So serving something special and unforgettable may be something you’d like for your own wedding.

When choosing your wedding menu, it’s important to pick something that is more authentic to you and to your future lifetime partner. But to help you get a good start, below are our top 6 catering choices for your big day.

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Wedding reception cannot be complete without appetizers. You and your guests, including your loved ones, probably started the day early with a whirlwind of emotions. Thus, serving a light snack before dinner can be a life saver. A few fuss-free appetizers are rolled sandwiches or jumbo shrimp cocktails. Fresh fruit and vegetable trays are great too since they are refreshing and perfect for snacking.

When deciding what appetizers to choose, pick ones that are small yet satisfying but not too heavy to fill the guests up. Your wedding caterer should be able to provide you with tons of options.

Travelling Seafood Station

A travelling seafood station will surely impress your guests. The idea of a bucket of oysters or a seafood of your preference will add elegance and fun to your big day. Your guests can continue to mingle while they munch on fresh oysters topped with sauce, of course.

A nice looking pizza with lots of toppings.

Wood-fired Pizza

If you’re a rustic wedding couple, then this one is perfect for you. Wood-fired pizza may sound too casual for a wedding but it looks absolutely stunning. Moreover, it’s something most people crave. Serve a few different topping options so your guests can choose their favorites.

Build your own sandwich and pasta bar

Delight your guests by allowing them to customize their food on your wedding day. By featuring a build-your-own sandwich bar, your guests will have fun customizing their food. Let them enjoy your wedding menu without risking their diet plans and food restrictions by giving them the ability to choose their own ingredients. They will surely be pleased!

An assortment of food on the grill!

BBQ and Beer

BBQ and beer is a foolproof pairing your guests will surely love. Serve a few BBQ staples, such as burgers, hot wings, pulled pork, and pasta salad then offer them their choice of accompanying beer – these decorative mini bottles are just freakin’ cute.

This will make your wedding day the most epic backyard bash ever! Plus, just like this next option it’s super-affordable for weddings on a budget. Keep reading for my top secret on keeping your food budget under control. 🤫🤐💵

Shhhh! Here's my secret to keeping wedding food costs under control!

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Serving buffet at your wedding is not only cheaper than paying for each plate. It also allows your guests to pick and choose what they want to eat. A few great menus for your wedding buffet are stuffed chicken breasts, carved roasted turkey, prime rib, or beef tenderloin.

For a more casual wedding reception, a picnic style buffet is a perfect match. You can serve items like pulled pork or chicken sandwiches, burgers and brats, or grilled sandwiches.

So there you go. We know that planning a wedding requires a lot of work so having wedding food reception ideas will be handy. Good luck and enjoy!

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