We’re an online publication launched in 2021 for all things Home and Garden

Our mission is to ‘light the path’ to a more sustainable future by providing homeowners with information on practical steps we can all take towards cleaner food, reduced energy waste and a cleaner environment.

At The Garden of Light, we focus on practical, hands-on solution for everything from DIY home repairs to backyard gardening. Check out our blog for all the latest insights and updates.


Combining the scientific with the practical, our goal is to research the information you need and provide the best solutions to everyday problems. The Garden of Light is for readers who:
  • Want to grow healthy food at home to save money and the environment, while being more independent.
  • Hate spending money on repair bills and want to DIY more home improvement projects.
  • Need to start living a healthier lifestyle with diet, exercise and the right supplements.

Plant Care

From Arugula to Zucchini, we share tips on growing everything from veggies to houseplants. Our plant care guides are fun yet well researched and backed by experience. 

Healthy Living

Exercise, fresh air and nutrition are all things none of us get enough of nowadays. From practical tips on getting in a workout around your busy schedule to healthy yet tasty recipes, we’ve got you covered when it comes to healthy living. The Garden of Light provides useful information on a wide variety of fitness related topics.

Home Improvement

From choosing the right contractor to picking the projects you’re comfortable doing yourself, you’ll find a wealth of practical information for homeowners in our blog. 


Our goal is to cut past the noise and give you insightful info while acknowledging that without personalized testing, taking supplements or starting a diet and hoping for the best is like throwing darts blindfolded. We encourage everyone to work with a functional medicine doctor for a personalized wellness plan!