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Garden of Light, the exclusive home and garden blog launches a new and updated website with an aim to offer the latest resources and information for homeowners looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

The main topics at the Garden of Light blog are all based on sustainable living with a focus on six practical areas where we can all reduce waste, save money and have a positive impact on the world around us. Here are the six main categories the writers at Garden of Light focus on:

There are many homeowners who prefer growing their own produce that is free of harmful pesticides. In general, we’re all spending more time at home than ever before due to the pandemic and it’s only natural that topics like gardening and home improvement are trending up during this time. However, not everyone is blessed with huge backyards or outdoor spaces to pursue their gardening hobby. Having said that, gardening can also be done in smaller spaces with space-efficient pots and planters available today, according to the team at Garden of Light.

“Our goal with this new site is to focus on the practical steps that don’t require a lot of effort or time, when we’re all dealing with life’s demands like work and school. Simple things like growing a few greens and herbs in an automated planter or saving money with an energy audit can have a meaningful impact on both our pocketbooks and the environment.” – Garden of Light Editor

While there are many websites publishing in the home and garden space, Garden of Light hopes to differentiate its content by covering a wider variety of topics than most. However, the editorial team plans to ensure that the focus always remains on simple yet practical tips that are always geared towards sustainability around the home.

On a Mission to Light The Path to a More Sustainable Future 

According to their about page, Garden of Light aims to be a resource that helps its readers with a wide variety of home and garden content. Their mission statement is to light the path to a more sustainable future. Website visitors can understand topics such as Heirloom Gardening and its significance. Heirloom gardeners use seeds that have not been hybridized for commercial growing. The gardeners save seed every year to allow plants to genetically adapt to the local growing conditions. Gardeners can grow a perfect variety year after year that promises taste as well as quality. By avoiding the need to purchase seeds each year, homeowners can save money while also reducing our impact on the environment.

These and many other such topics are covered here at this exclusive online garden publication. The site also features blogs in other areas such as home improvement, moving and storage, real estate, and more. 

To learn more about this new publication visit https://www.gardenoflight.net/ 

About Garden of Light  

Garden of Light was founded in 2021 is an online publication that provides useful information, tips, resources, and insight on home and garden topics. The blogs are written by gardening experts and always focus on sustainability and greener living. 



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